Ski Jumping: in Bischofshofen triumph Ahonen

BISCHOFSHOFEN Jan. 5 (AP) – The winner of Saturday’s third race 56th Four Hills Tournament (T4M) in ski jumping 2007/2008 on the bridge HS-140 in Bischofshofen, Austria (International Ski Federation FIS had the bad weather moved venue of the third part tour of Innsbruck, just in Bischofshofen, Ed.), clearing also in the evaluation of the World Cup (SP), became FIN Janne Ahonen, who led after the first round. The skilled 30-year-old native z Lahti (Reg. 11, 5. 1977) measured close to balance two jumps 139.5 m and 138 m, in the final grade received 282.5 points. Ahonen after his 33rdindividual triumph in the SP got the forehead interim order T4M (with competitions in Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen has to his credit with 834,2 points) and thus has a chance to carve out a record fifth overall victory in this prestigious ski jumping events at the turn of the year. “I wanted today to show off two good jumps resolution I came to a tee. For me it was Kenya online betting promotions the perfect race. The bridge in Bischofshofen is your profile different than the other three Venues Tour, just here like jumping. The overall triumph still do not. I know I’m doing well, but the end is not yet. All sorts of things can happen, “he said in a first reaction winning” flying “FIN.Before Sunday’s final fourth installment Tour (also in Bischofshofen) is Janne Ahonen, who has enjoyed the leadership of SP after long two years (on 6. 1.

2006 just in Bischofshofen) 10.9 point lead before Thomas Morgenstern (823.3 pts ). Austrian overlord mentioned this winter (7 wins out of 10 so far odskákaných individual competitions) conquered on Saturday 2nd rung (271.4 b) and consolidate our leading position in the ranking by the World Cup with 880 points. Except for the bronze partition after 18thplace in the first round “catapulted” Simon Ammann (259.4 b), Swiss jumper to help the second longest jump of the final round – 139 m. Surprisingly fourth position conquered RUS Dmitrij Vasiliev (257.1 b) was one fifth of the co-favorite Gregor Schlierenzauer from Austria (256.6 b). Two days later 18-year-old leading man after two races T4M afternoon after qualifying rekorde bridge (145 m) its a fantastic experiment in the early evening of the contest and did not repeat in the current classification of the tour dropped to 3rd position (811.7 pts). The only Slovak ski jumper to T4M Martin Mesík after Oberstdorf and Garmisch-Partenkirchen are in Bischofshofen failed to advance to the firstRound the top 50, though this time conquered 53rd place.

The final race fourth Four Hills Tournament 2007/2008 will take place on Sunday, January 6th also in Bischofshofen (1st round 16.30) qualification will be the same day from 14.45 h.

Four Hills Tournament – HS 140 – Bischofshofen – Saturday – results:

Current rank in the Four Hills Tournament 2007/2008 (after the third race):

Current rank World Cup 2007/2008 (after 10 of 28 races):

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