I wanted to be in Moscow, but I can sign a long term contract, explaining the absence of MS Mrázek

Start at the World Championships in Moscow Petr Mrázek gladly give up, waiting for him bargaining for a new contract and busy summer schedule. With training for the new season he wants 24-year old hockey goalie Detroit begin in June, then in September he awaits the start of the World Cup in Toronto.

So fulfill your ideas season?
I went into it with the fact that I will fight with Jimmy Howard, leader of the place, so I think that did it, I can be satisfied. But we are sorry playoff, which was not successful …

In the middle of the basic part of you we talked about as a candidate for the Vezina Trophy, but the next month he was not so famous. What happened?
The season is long and every goalie, if you look at the statistics, a minor crisis. I was sick, I took Betsafe two antibiotics and I wanted to be back as soon as possible. I probably had more rest than be returned to the gate so quickly.

What have you managed after the end of the season?
We had five or six days off, conducted interviews and various meetings and meetings with coaches, so I was a few days in Detroit and then I flew for girlfriend Sarah, who played volleyball championships America in Alabama. We’ll see how it will leave, because I want to train at the beginning of June.

What would you prefer relaxation?
When doing so were even sports events. Like last year, I would like to Champions League final, then football and EURO at Wimbledon or the French Open.

You are watching the World Cup?
I know you guys win, but in America it does not take much, it’s not on TV, so I just watched the results.

You decide the time, whether to go for the championship?
I asked the guys who play overseas in Europe. He was interested in their opinion. What they would do in my place. I was interested to represent, I wanted to be there. But I signed the first long-term contract in his career, so I decided not to go.

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