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3 chances ont augmenté pour l’Allemagne – Ukraine match de l’EURO 2016!

L’Euro 2016 se poursuit aujourd’hui avec trois jeux passionnants, et l’un d’eux a maintenant la possibilité de parier sur les cotes, les chances que vous trouverez chez un seul fournisseur de paris en ligne.

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Ce bookmaker offre au moins trois cotes quotidiennes sur l’EURO 2016 par jour et il est dommage de ne pas profiter de vous. Quoi qu’il en soit, vous pariez sur les tournois et pourquoi ne pas le faire sur des cotes spéciales. Le match d’aujourd’hui est l’Allemagne – Ukraine, qui débutera à 22h00 et sera accueilli par le Stade Pierre-Mauroy.

1xbet (D. ONJN 2164 / 28.08.2015) offre trois actions 1xbet ont augmenté ce dimanche à jouer au-dessus et il n’y a aucune limitation ou conditions jeu du chiffre d’affaires, de sorte que désormais bénéficier d’une offre promotionnelle.

Augmente les cotes de 1xbet (cliquez ici pour vous inscrire) pour correspondre à Germany – Ukraine:

• Artem Fedetskiy recevra un carton jaune – cote de 3,40 (augmentée de 2,80)
• Yevhen Khacheridi recevra un carton jaune – cote 2,90 (augmentation par rapport à 2,55)
• Thomas Muller marquera à tout moment – cote 3.00 (au lieu de 2.50)
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Volunteer Sternberk praises the preparation in France

In the Quimper in Breton, where Sokol once again caught the contacts of his coach Martin Hroch, who played and trained in France, they traveled to Sternberan for 22 hours. The first day of their stay at the international tournament ended with just a short run to the shore and round training in the gym.

The second day Sokolky called for Swiss victor Aesc’h Pfeffingen, who after the fight defeated 2: 3 (20, 20, -11, -25, -7). “However, we started surprisingly without fear and style, when we were pushing our opponents and European and Overseas forces with service, precise defense and compound balls,” Hroch praised.

“But in the third set, the card turned primarily thanks to the Swiss left-hand recorder.The decisive moment came in the fourth set, which turned into a ruthless fight for each ball. In the end, there was more experience of the adversary professionals, unfortunately we did not succeed to make one mechbol. This was reflected in the tie-break, after it lost at least partially erased the bitterness of defeating the 1x bet applause of the domestic audience, “added Hippo. The third tournament day began audience at the local town hall and then followed the evening match against the Quimper home team Elite 29 Volley, who after two years moved to the highest French competition LAF. And this match led the Moravanka to a short game, but they did not again – 2: 3 (-16, -18, 18, 23, -9).

“The opponent was strengthened by French players English, Brazil, Croatian and Cuban.He also went on a match with us in order to make the day go away from Terville league leagues, “said Hroch coach. “Our players were in the betting online first two seasons to know the fatigue of the previous match, the team played unrecognizable, unfortunately in the worse words. Only in the second set we started to return to the match. Tie-break decided one successful defense of our opponent and two our mistakes in the attack. Even now we have not won the victory, the ten played sets, of which six very good, but it has been an appreciation of such a long journey to the tournament, “Hippo said.

The last day of play Sternberanky made a trip to the westernmost Cape France Pointe du Raz.Conclusion then meant the third match against the French Lervists Terville and the third defeat. “The first set might have recovered from the walk in the short, but fabulous French rainbow. Improvement and equalization came in the second set, but in the next two sets we did not have a service, so we managed to win the overall winner of the tournament in spite of the combat effort 1: 3, “said Hroch.On their way home, Hanačky has diversified with stops on Cote de granit rose, a family farm with Gites de Beauregard houses near Binic and traditionally the Eiffel tower.

“Three games played against strong rivals – both by budget and by and the cadre – have shown what we should work on, and what, on the contrary, works and where our final limits are, “Hippo said. “A total of fourteen sets were enough to satisfy the energy, time and finances. Thanks to sponsors, without it, “he concluded.